Envirosax 10% Off - La Boeheme & a peek at couture!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today I am giving you access to a 10% off code at Envirosax on the La Boheme Series- This code sundance2011 can be put in discount code field on shopping cart page before proceeding to check out. Promotion is valid for three days only from this Wednesday - Friday, February 2-4, 2011 and on USA and Canadian Envirosax web sites only.

Why?  Well Envirosax is not giving me ANYTHING for this, just asking me to blog about the cool dress that was made from their La Boheme Series.  The code is ONLY good on purchases of the La Boeheme Series of Envirosax!

And furthermore, if you get the bags and USE them...my work is done here.  ;)

Envirosax, the original designer reusable bag, has selected Amit Ayalon, a recent design graduate to create a dress out of beautiful Envirosax designs and colors.

The dress, unveiled at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival Alive! Expo Green Pavilion creatively showcases the high quality and beauty of the unique prints of Envirosax while also helping aspiring fashion and costume designer Amit Ayalon showcase her talent in front of the Hollywood industry.

“I’ve always wanted to make a couture dress out of Envirosax bags because it’s a way to showcase the beauty of our designs in a creative and innovative way,” said CEO and founder Belinda David-Tooze. “It was very important to me to work with a recent graduate as design is a tough business to get your start. This way our dress also gives Amit the exposure and access to help turn her dream into a reality.”

Amit Ayalon, from Tel Aviv, Israel, is a recent graduate of the Australian Institute of Creative Design and won most outstanding student of the year award. She aspires to work with costumes in the movie industry while also continuing her couture design collection, Becoming Silhouettes by Amit Ayalon.

Made out of Envirosax original prints, the patterns selected range from floral prints to Japanese and Bohemian designs. The motif consists of a jacket, Victorian corset, back scroll piece, bustle and skirt.

“The warm brown, gold and red colors dominating the prints remind me of the Moulin Rouge fashion,” said Ayalon. “Other sources of inspiration came from movies such as Alice and Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes.”

Becoming Silhouettes by Amit Ayalon is her design label that released its first couture collection called The Neverland Collection. Inspired by fantasy movies such as Lord of the Rings and Avatar, The Neverland Collection gives the garments a dreamy feel showcasing a mixture of femininity and strength, the fairy and the warrior.

“My real passion is working for the movie industry while continuing my label collection as well as creating custom made garments,” said Ayalon. “Designing costumes give me the creative freedom to let my imagination lead the way.”

I hope you enjoy - and remember the code expires Friday, February 4th 2011!

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Thanks for the great review!!
Jump on my facebook page to see more of my work http://www.facebook.com/pages/Becoming-Silhouettes-By-Amit-Ayalon/185830764783424
Amit Ayalon

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