Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I found this site through SponTwits and I tell you what it looks like an AWESOME deal. 
And $2 flat rate shipping!?!!

And if I can get 40 people to give them their email address in the next 72 hours I get this handbag.

Really!  You get $10 to spend when the mood strikes you for something at their website - and I get that cool handbag.  They have other offers for higher signups and lower signups, but that Nicole Lee Bag speaks to me personally.

Go ahead - Click This Link!

And thank you very much.


sprinkles said...

That website sounds familiar. I think I might've signed up them awhile back but cancelled it because I never bought anything from them.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

anything for you babe :) I hope I did it right! thank you for my bumper sticker and I am so sorry I have not sent you a picture yet. I will try to work on that tomorrow. I am so forgetful lately!!!

Wild Child Mama said...

I am totally going to give them my email and look at their super cute things. I hope you get this bag cause it is HOT!!
I stopped by because Normal Mom Ally tweeted you were a favorite:) I'm following!

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