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Thursday, August 18, 2011

i can't feel this way much longer
expecting to survive
with all these hidden innuendoes
just waiting to arrive
it's such a wavy midnight
when you slip into insane
electric angel rock and roller
i hear what you're playing
it's an orangy sky
always it's some other guy
it's just a broken lullaby
bye bye love
bye bye love
bye bye love
bye bye love
substitution mass confusion
clouds inside my head
were fogging all my energies
until you visited
eyes of porcelain and blue
could shock me into sense
you think you're so illustrious
you call yourself intense

Seriously with Bye Bye Love & My Best Friend's Girl I was POSITIVE Ric Ocasek and The Cars were writing just for me.  And when more than one boyfriend sang them in my ear...well...I felt vindicated.

Whenever I need to feel better I listen to that song and imagine that I am that vixen who shocks and confuses my prey before I pounce.

Now, this was more confession than short story.  I hope Mama Kat forgives my license with her prompt and I get the boost I need for the four interviews ahead of me.  


Courtney said...

LOVE The Cars!! GOOD LUCK on your interviews!!!

Anonymous said...

So much fun! Good luck on the interviews!

Karen said...

So great when a song speaks to you! Best of luck on your interviews! :>

hilljean said...

Groovy :) Hope you're pumped! Good luck!

sprinkles said...

Oh yes, I remember feeling like some of those 80's bands wrote just for me too.

How's the job hunt going?

Tiffany said...

You interpreted the prompt YOUR way and if nobody did that, it wouldn't keep the prompt responses fresh! THANK YOU! :) Fab interpretation, btw. I'll come back next week to see your take on that one!

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