I called my husband.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I called my husband on the way to work yesterday...

"Why on EARTH do we have to drive when it is snowing and icy out like this...there ought to be a law."
"Preaching to the choir babe."
"Plus, I am convinced Brooklyn Center does not own a plow."

And all I could think of the whole way into the office as I moved at a glacial pace* was how if I were Governor of Minnesota I would make it illegal to drive if the driving conditions were such that if it took you more than twice the time normal to drive there - or you could potentially die because it is so darn slippery!

Then of course I think of how that would hurt our economy, and how there would have to be all kinds of exceptions.  Doctors, pregnant ladies, sick people, etc.


And as I got to the last part of my drive where 694 and 10 split...

I see the plows in my rear view mirror.

At least my drive home was fine.  And yes, *I used glacial on purpose.


sprinkles said...

While I'm sure it's no where near as bad here as it is there, I totally agree!!! Our roads get really nasty in the winter too.

Claudya Martinez said...

Goes to show that you are a trailblazer.

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