Some people make you wonder.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The lady who walks aimlessly around the Y every morning - not really working out, just going through the motions.  It seems more like she needs the company.

The tiny lady who sits in her convertible in the parking lot at work - laying there with her eyes closed and the car running.

The blogger who just stopped blogging one day - who was my friend and now is not even locatable on Facebook.  We used to be friends anyway and I miss him very much.

And then there is myself.  I am kinda weird you know. 

I bet you wonder too.  Tell me.  What do you wonder about?


Michelle said...

I wonder how it snowed 6 inches Sunday night and now it's 63 degrees already today? Mother Nature is psychotic this year.

gretchen said...

Oh, I have one of those disappearing blogger friends too! She's just...poof. It kind of worries me, but I don't know how to look into it. See, now I'M wondering about that tiny lady in the convertible!

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