Forgotten, but not missed.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

We were driving down the road to the highway and as I was turning on I realized I forgot my phone.


Go back?

It's not far...

Nope.  Forge on to the zoo.

Yes, I went to the zoo with my child, no phone, no camera.  She asked me one time to take a picture and I said, "I forgot my phone remember?"  Oh yeah.

Then we just walked around and looked and talked and talked and looked.

Petting and feeding the goats, the one with HUGE curly horns got all of Boo Boo's goat nibbles.  Petting the cows and reading all their names, "Look Mama, Mary - just like Grandma."  Marveling at the roosters - a SUPER fluffy one we decided was Chicken Little's papa.  Riding in the tractor simulator and chatting with the nice young man from a farm in SE Minnesota who is studying agriculture at the U.  And making a craft of pig ears to wear on our soaked heads.  ;)

It was raining the whole time - and at one point pretty speedy drops were hitting our umbrellas and Boo Boo said, "It sounds like pop rocks hitting my umbrella."  It DOES!  "I would eat up all those pop rocks like NUM NUM NUM!"  I would too.

So how was your rainy day?


sprinkles said...

Well, I go out all the time w/o a cell phone -- I don't have one and only once in a great while get the urge for one. No one calls me anyways so I don't really see the need to waste the $.

Happy Easter!

Slamdunk said...

Good for you all and making the most of a rainy day.

Last year, we drove about 90 minutes to a small zoo and it started raining and raining. I had brought umbrellas and rain jackets, but our youngest is a little afraid of umbrellas. We made the most of it-fed the giraffe by hand (always the highlight when we go), and pray for sun each next time we go there.

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