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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last Friday I got the heads up there was a birthday invite in my child's backpack awaiting me...the teacher's mixed up the invites for the lovely M sisters...

I got home and looked in the bag, sure enough there was the invite with my daughter's best friends name on it.  I told her about the mix-up and her invite would be there the next day and she ripped it open anyway.

I look.

Huh?  Tomorrow NIGHT???  5pm to 9pm for a kindergartner's birthday party?  And it's at your house and I don't know you.


Rude?  Yes, yes I think so.  And I say it out loud and my husband says, "Well she's not going, right?"

No.  No she is not.  I am not going to drop everything I had planned for my Saturday because this child's mother couldn't get out invites before the NIGHT before the party.  I mean come on.

The trouble was...she now KNEW there was a party.  And this girl was someone she liked and I had heard her mention before....

Boo Boo?
Boo Boo we are so busy tomorrow with everything we had planned and Daddy having to work.  I think we will have to skip your friend's birthday.  You know you can't go to every party, right?
Oh.  Okay.
We can make her a card you can bring Monday.
Can I paint a rock for her too?
Okay.  *la di da* and she waltzes away.

I thought my child was going to throw a fit, but instead she could have not cared less.

Thanks Mama Kat for the prompt to tell my tale.

p.s. do NOT do this to your child's classmates.  Hubs and I have agreed you need to give at least THREE days notice.  Two weeks or more is preferred.
p.p.s. Yes, this post is LATE for Mama's workshop, but this is a blog, not a birthday.  ;)


Slamdunk said...

Glad your daughter handled it well Lisa.

No doubt with the advanced warning. With all the kids sports and activities schedules, a couple weeks is the preference for us.

Unknown said...

Seriously, I think your kid is a saint in training!!!! WOW!!!

Anti-Supermom said...

That's just weird, and did they expect a gift as well?

I'm a little on the freak side and I say a month is good to invites, 3 weeks tops...

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