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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I have not joined in on the fun for a while, but I couldn't resist this time.  MamaKat's prompt this week was:

5.)  Last week we talking about mom's WORST homemade meals. This week describe a meal your Mom cooked that you LOVED eating growing up

My FAVORITE thing was not made by my mother, but my father.

I spared my mother the shame that was the grossest meal I ever ate last week.  It was tough to resist, but I did.  But this week, I had to talk about my favorite thing my father made for me.  

My dad did not cook very often.  He can, but he just didn't.  

One time he made sloppy joe's - and I will never know why, but he used Alphabet Soup in his sloppy joe's.  I loved it!  It was delicious even if it was weird to see:

in your bun.

I liked these sloppy joe's SO much that I asked my dad to make them for my birthday party when I was like 17 or something.  I am sure my friends thought they were weird.  But I didn't care at all.  

I loved them.  And I love my dad.  So, nyah.

Now go - pick your prompt and get on the MamaKat-wagon.  

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Unknown said...

Never heard of that one, but it sounds pretty good! I think sometimes that moms make the best meals, but dads make UP the best meals. It seems like a very classic dad thing to me, to make up bizarre food combinations. For my dad, it was macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs in it, and when I was 8 I was pretty sure it was the greatest thing ever :)

Unknown said...

Oh I think that's so awesome that your Dad put alphabet soup in sloppy joes! I would have loved that too ;)

sprinkles said...

I would never have thought to do put alphabet soup in sloppy joes. Now I'm kind of tempted to try it.

Slamdunk said...

Now that is creative. I may have to try that and see if I can impress folks here.

Unknown said...

What a fun meal! My mom used to make both of these dishes, but never together.

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