First Day of School

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I got up early and went to the YMCA - I look up and what do I see???

Male enhancement infomercial to the left of me - Dr. Phil to the right.  Good thing I have Pandora on my phone.

I got home and showered - kind of a pit in my tummy over the fact MY BABY is going to FIRST GRADE.  I mean, didn't she just learn how to walk?

After my shower I am walking around in the semi-darkness and WHAT IS THAT???  Oh, okay its just my child standing there quietly wearing her monster ear-flap hat.  Yes, Boo Boo was standing there perfectly still and quiet in the dark wearing this hat - FREAKED me out.  However I was able to compose myself and asked her what she wanted for breakfast.  I made cinnamon toast and cut her up a banana.  She was apparently ready to head to the bus at 6:28 am, never mind that it does not pick her up until 8:55 at daycare.

After we got dressed - this is what we had.

Mom, it's my "Hello Kitty" theme day.
After I dropped her off I had to head into school.  PTO duty called - I had to fill out and hang the fundraising posters - ummm, where exactly?  School still looks like this...

Well...not exactly like this, but the construction continues - workmen everywhere and the school was about 90 degrees at 7:40am.  But everyone was there and in cheerful moods.

Making the best of things.

At 9:20 I looked at the clock and almost cried.  Baby is in First Grade officially!

But I was busy - busy - busy at work.  It was month-end and I had a lot to do.

Call on my way home and my husband needs me to drive him to work to pick up his vehicle after dinner.  Great, I need to get gas - Holiday is close to his work - that makes it simple.  

I tried to talk to Boo Boo about her first day - we got through her backpack and it sort of went downhill from there as the Boo was a tired little girl.  Lots of learnin' will do that to you.  She started focusing on the negatives, she couldn't find her room at first and her eyes got all "watery" and there is only ONE girl she knows in her class.  I told her what a big girl she was to find her way by asking and reminded her that she really likes Joshua, he is in your class - you like Joshua, right?

And you know, T-bone made spaghetti, cuz that is Boo Boo's favorite lately.  That made her happy.

All in all - a successful First Day of First Grade.

How were things for your little one?


Anti-Supermom said...

Wyatt's first day is today... here's to hoping that it went better than OK :)

Henry's was yesterday, and he was just happy that he didn't have any homework.

gretchen said...

Congratulations Boo Boo! Doesn't she look grown up and fabulous! Tell her that on my very first day of first grade, I sat next to a little girl who I didn't know. We are now 51, and we are still close friends - I just talked to her yesterday! So she will make good, life-long friends very soon, not to worry.

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