Her name is Uni-que!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

For Mama Kat's Pretty Much Famous - Writer's Workshop this week I selected.

5) Share how you came up with your kids names!

Which is weird because I don't think I usually pick prompt five.  Hmmmm.


We had a boy name for our dear Boo Boo - cuz ya know I was sure I would have a boy.  My SIL thought so too.  We had discussed it!  It would be a boy because I am not girly enough for a girl.  And I will tell you that name it was Adin, after a relative of my husband's who served in The First Infantry of Minnesota and has been researched heavily by my FIL.

See about that Adin here.   Oh yes, you get history here with the goofiness.

When we asked Sair and J-Dogg if they would like a boy or a girl, they both said, "I hope you have a girl." Sair thought that any boy would gang up on her with J-Dogg (Ummm, you will be 13 when this kid gets here!) and J-Dogg, I didn't ask, but I think he likes being the only boy.

And for the life of us, T-bone and I could NOT settle on a girl's name.


It went something like this:

T: Karen?
M: Veto. Greenleigh?
T: Veto!  Debbie?
M: Gag. Veto.

I wanted unique - he wanted pronounce-able, spell-able, and not tease-worthy.

Then, we found out.


She's a girl al-righty.  Shit.  What are we going to name her?

T: How about Grace, didn't you say you always wanted to name a girl Grace?
M: You didn't listen to the next part when I said  - but, that was BEFORE every other moron named their kid Grace.  Ugh!  (Pregnant hormones!)

We rented a movie that Friday - I was hoping to god I would not fall asleep before it was over.

And suddenly - Diane Keaton speaks and says, '________?' (you didn't think I would type it would you?) and the daughter says, 'Hmm?' and then she asks her what she would like for desert, in French?

T-Bone and I both sat up from our prone couch positions and said,

"That is it!"

It had the correct combo of uni-que and normal.

Then, of course, there was the battle over the middle name.  T-bone insisted that it be a one syllable name and brought up Grace again.  But I wanted my DAD's middle name.


Yup - my Grandmother named him and it is a boy's name if you spell it correctly. C-L-A-R-E.

But she didn't.  :)

The battle over that name ended on the day Boo Boo La La was born and I had her with NO DRUGS.

Cuz apparently, if you do that, you win.

P.S. Diane Keaton won a Golden Globe for that performance.

P.P.S. To learn how we named Roofis - click here.


katie eggeman said...

We needed names that went with our last name...very Germanic. So no modern name, we went Biblical.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love learning about name origins :)

Dionne said...

What a fun name. We went with a last name for our first born (Schafer) and a well, I guess our second born is a close second with a last name of Grant.

Unknown said...

This is great! Now I feel the overwhelming urge to do Diane Keaton movie research.

How funny about the middle name!

I was also convinced I was having a boy, but we had a TERRIBLE time agreeing on a boy name. The girl name was easy. She's named after my grandmother. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love your nicknames as well!

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