The perfect snow day.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday with no where to go.

A fully stocked fridge, a chilling bottle of sauvignon blanc, the floors swept yesterday, only endless loads of warm laundry to fold...

and a roast for the oven to warm my kitchen to just the perfect level of toasty as I watch the flakes fall.

A trip outside to make a few angels and have a family snowball fight.

A camera at the ready.  A child who loves to pose.   

Your Turn


Unknown said...

I love the last pic!! That's a perfect pose. Sounds like a great snow day. Endless laundry to fold? Same here..always.

Susannah said...

That does sound like a wonderful snow day! I love folding warm laundry. ;-)

Unknown said...

That sounds like an amazing day. I wish we had more snow days this winter!

katie eggeman said...

I couldn't write about this because to me there is nothing good about a snow day. My dogs have a different opinion.

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