The Great Closet Migration

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Twice a year I rearrange the closet of Boo Boo La La and myself - Spring and Fall.

Usually by now I have completed this project.  And I would have been wearing my flip-flops for weeks.  However, unless you have been living under a ROCK, you know that I have not been able to do this migration as we had snow as recently as MAY 3rd here in MinneSNOWta.  But, Saturday, I had enough.  And despite the FRIGID 32 degrees outside I made my way to Boo Boo La La's closet to pull out the winter clothes and things that are too small and pull out all the fun stuff that I have accumulated over the years for when she would be the size she is now.

Yes, yes I am that mother who bought a size 7 raincoat with kitties on it for my child when she was 3.  It was at Once Upon A Child and I would never see it again - it HAD to be purchased.

Some things never leave her closet.  And every time I do the closet migration I pull them out, sigh, give them a kiss, and put them back into their hidey holes.

My favorite:

It is a sweater that T-Bone's aunt gave to Boo Boo when she was a few months old.  So CRAZY, yet so amazingly fun.

Plus, there was the day she SMILED the biggest smiles and I really started to see her personality.  

I love that sweater.


Unknown said...

That sweater is adorable and that picture of her wearing it is even more adorable. :) I already have a pretty good idea of the things that will stay in B's closet as she gets older. :)

Raising Z and Lil C said...

love that picture!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

love that picture!

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