Can I reset my clock?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am not sure when I drifted off, but it isn't hard for me to do.

I know it was sometime after I quit watching the Monday Night Football Game and started watching the replay of last nights Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I am sure Kyle was bitchy and Lisa was snarky.

And Kim said something stupid, right?

But now the brain waves have begun to weave their path from Delta to Beta.

I notice it is quiet and dark.

I hear T softly snoring.

I wonder. I wait a minute.  Maybe I will get back into my dream.

It is dark, but it is November so that does not mean anything.  I might be okay today.


I roll over and half open an eye.


It happens all the time, yet I am always surprised to see that time on the clock.

Daylight savings be damned. When I don't sleep through the night I wake at 3:30.

It can be very productive time for my housework, my catching up on Facebook, my blog. But I don't think it is very productive in helping one deal with the general stress of life.

Insert soft sigh here.

I re-read and polish the few lines I have mustered out of my sleep deprived brain. My alarm goes off and I hear Aretha sing, "Angels We Have Heard on High."

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sprinkles said...

I have this week off for the Thanksgiving holiday and haven't been sleeping all that well either. I seem to wake up multiple times during the night. I generally go back to sleep pretty quickly, but I'm still tired when I do finally wake up for good.

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