Did you ever hear a song and suddenly...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

So one bright and sunny Saturday I got in my car and was driving.

Driving to meet my family at a restaurant, they were out snowmobiling again.

I was listening to the radio, per usual not paying much attention except to the fact there was a beat.  Because I really don't listen to the words all the time, unless the song is very catchy - has an ear-worm so to speak. Suddenly I was freaking out over this song...I couldn't believe the words I was hearing.  And my child was not in sight - a thing that often causes me panic over what *might* be happening because I am that crazy.

So there I was driving on a BEAUTIFUL Sunny Saturday - tears streaming down my cheeks.  And of course again now as I listen to the song and write this for you - I am crying again.

Has that ever happened to you? You hear a song maybe a dozen or more times and you just have not listened to it - then you do and you have a strong reaction?  Good or bad?  Tell me.

The song in question for me?

The Field - Mason Jennings

try not to cry

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Slamdunk said...

Ok so I did not cry. I don't think that has happened to me before, but certainly the words of a song that I associate with a trying time in life will punch me in the stomach.

Stay warm there.

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