Happy Tenth-aversary YouTube & 91 Month-aversary to Mommy's Nest!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I posted my first video on YouTube on November 7, 2006.  I did it so I could email it to friends and family.

It went like this:

Fun - Huh? No?

Well, I got more adventurous.

See?  From November 2007 - we can now rake!

And then in November 2008 we learned to Vote - not Boat!

And in March of 2011 We shook it like we just didn't care who was watching at the MN Zoo!

And now - Boo Boo even has her very OWN YouTube Channel with gems like this one with Gma.

What I learned from Ten Years of YouTube?  It's fun to look back at how silly we can be...

And YOU? (Tube?)

1 comment:

Slamdunk said...

And this shows that you are still more technologically advanced than me as all i do on Youtube is watch and laugh at other people's videos.

The leaf raking exercise was a bit too winter for me. I should go on YouTube and watch a tropical island video now to warm up.

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