Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Isn't it strange how things remind you of people or places?

Songs will remind me of T-Bone, Boo Boo, my Brother - Dad and "Boot are Made for Walking". The weirdest being The Psychedelic Furs song that reminds me of my mom. That is a short story with no point, so #random.

It is all so strange how your mind goes - zing!

Like this:

It reminds me of summers with my Grandpa - getting paid ten cents a moth.

Or this:

Brings back memories of the 90's and Katie and Phil's wedding.

Great Grandma Studer.

And when I have a glass of white wine and crave these -

I cannot help but think of my sisters and our place - Foul Play.

Foul Play is long gone.  We are not.

In fact one of us returns from Atlanta tonight!  So we will gather, reminisce, and random memories will appear in a flash! While we enjoy good friends, the Minneapolis skyline and the zillion things that make us...us. 

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Slamdunk said...

I can related to working for dimes and quarters as a kiddo... Green olives though always remind me of having to ask for black olives--I never liked the green ones.

I hope you have a super time then sharing memories.

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