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Thursday, July 23, 2015

I saw this picture and it made me think of Boo Boo!

So you get this old blog post from March 6, 2010 when I was still a fledgling blogger.


Thing one:  I had been noticing a lot of url's that matched the names of the blog vs. .blogspot.com and asked my favorite St. Paul/Chef/Wild Woman blogger Mrs. VonPartypants if she felt this was worth the $10 to GoDaddy.com.  Her final comment in her reply was, "I say go for it- it's only $10 and then at least no one else can have it."


I took my url .wordpress.com too, just in case!  And BTW if you like bloggers who dress up, talk about poop, animals, general drunkeness, food and mayhem (not necessarily in that order) and if you are impressed that you can GOOGLE "f***ing awesome chocolate chip cookies" and get the top results linking you back to HER...follow her blog please!

and the cookies?  f***ing awesome!

SO If you have a spare moment and can change the URL that guides you to me it is now...

http://www.mommysnest.com/  Go ahead, I will wait...

That was easy, right?  If you don't do it blogger will still get you here from the old url, they promised!

Thing two:  I had not written a funny story about Boo Boo La La lately...the whole point of this blog is to embarass her when she is twelve...so I am promising now to have some sort of fun story about Boo Boo La La from the recent (or not so recent) past to share each Saturday.  This will be easier since I won't have school anymore starting March 19!
Yeah Mommy will graduate with honors!  Whoo Hooo!

I have a pretty good one today.  If you like fart stories that is....you don't?  Well, you have not been here for the poop stories then, huh?

I remember it like it was Thursday morning, because it was Thursday morning.  Boo Boo and I were ready to leave and I went around the house ensuring lights were off and no dangerous articles were left burning somewhere.  I got back to where Boo Boo was in the dining room and she was leaning against the table and making funny faces...upon seeing me she said,

My butt itches, so I am trying to fart.

Hmm-mmm, farting makes it stop itching?

YES MAMA, you know THAT!  (more faces and butt sticking out)  I can't fart and my butt itches!

Maybe you will fart in the car like Daddy, come on let's go.

Okay, that might work....

Ahhh, yes.  Imagine the joy of a pre-teen Boo Boo when she hears she tried to learn to fart on command to releive butt itchiness.

I would say my work is done here for today.  Have a farty-party weekend!

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sprinkles said...

Farting to relieve butt itching is soooo something my dad would have done! Plus I think he genuinely enjoyed farting.

There's a blogger I follow who encourages people to create their own websites using godaddy.com. I guess I worry that people might not follow me over there, so I haven't made the move.

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