Throwback Thursday - A little story

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I am participating today in Mama Kat's World Famous Writer's Workshop - but with an oldie.

I am terribly sorry if you don't like leftovers, but that is what you get today.

It is prompt 4) Something funny your child said.  - And I think we can agree Boo Boo La La is pretty entertaining so....

This story is from March 6, 2010.

I have a pretty good one today.  If you like fart stories that don't?  Well, you have not been here for the poop stories then, huh?

I remember it like it was Thursday morning, because it was Thursday morning.  Boo Boo and I were ready to leave and I went around the house ensuring lights were off and no dangerous articles were left burning somewhere.  I got back to where Boo Boo was in the dining room and she was leaning against the table and making funny faces...upon seeing me she said,

My butt itches, so I am trying to fart.

Hmm-mmm, farting makes it stop itching?

YES MAMA, you know THAT!  (more faces and butt sticking out)  I can't fart and my butt itches!

Maybe you will fart in the car like Daddy, come on let's go.

Okay, that might work....

Ahhh, yes.  Imagine the joy of a pre-teen Boo Boo when she hears she tried to learn to fart on command to relieve butt itchiness.

I would say my work is done here for today.  Have a farty-party weekend!


I will be back this weekend with a new story or two.  Have a great Thursday! #TBT
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John Holton said...

You had me at "fart story."

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

lol too funny!

Mimi N said...

hahahaha that's too funny! Kids are so darn funny!

sprinkles said...

I'm pretty sure I remember reading this one before. bol

KatBouska said...

Yes, definitely in the car like Daddy is the best time to fart on command. I hope it helped the itchiness! ;)

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