School Starts Next Week.

Monday, August 29, 2016

I sure hope you are having as great of a summer as we are - we spent time with family, went to a wedding in Houston, celebrated a friend earning their Karate Black Belt at TEN YEARS OF AGE!!! Went to San Diego, swam, ran around and enjoyed the general merriment of the warmer months.  

School starts a week from tomorrow - so of course we have to fit in some end of summer fun!

State Fair anyone?  
Cheers to that with a Grain Belt Blu - a most delicious blueberry beer! Yum.


We ate, rode, and saw cool people like Senator Amy Klobuchar!

We pet the animals - everyone but Grandma who said, "No thank you." 

We bought stuff, made stuff, and showed Dad where to get something for ME! :)  

And of course we rode the big slide, but got a TERRIBLE video this year.

Watch this one instead! 

Happy Summer!
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