It always takes more

Monday, October 23, 2017

I always have these grand plans for everything I am going to accomplish.

Not just on the weekend, but any given day. 

Like yesterday I imagined that I would get another shelf of my closet organized, the laundry put away, roast squash, make dinner, maybe vacuum and clean the kitchen. 

This, all after church, lunch, and going to get our pumpkins for Halloween. 

Ha ha ha ha. 


I got the squashes roasted and the kitchen clean.  Oh, and I made rice and a salad for dinner. After all that was accomplished it was after six and I was pretty much pooped.  

But I spent time with my husband and my daughter - maybe she will remember the pumpkins and the frappucino and not the argument we had this morning over moving the recycling bin.  

It always takes more than you have of things.  More time, more money, more energy. 

I always seem to run out. 

Here is to setting my goals more reasonably this week. 

Happy Monday Peeps. 

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