Looking Back - and Laughing Out Loud - Fabulous Friday!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Today I realized I did not have all of Boo Boo La La's first-day pictures in one place.

Facebook has been showing them to me lately and I decided today I better get them together as I only have so many years left!!! (she was reminding me she will be 13 SOON today!)

And scrolling through Google Photos as I was I came upon gems that NEEDED to be published. 

You see, I went to a movie with these two ladies on Wednesday night and it was so much fun. 

They are both VERY crafty, me not so much.
They are both VERY funny. 
I love them! 

Patty!!! Who makes days fun and can be found hooping, crafting, listening, grabbing candy and parades, boating, maybe has a beer in her hand, but always reaches out for yours! 

And well this is Boo Boo's funny side....from 4th grade.

Enjoy and Happy Friday Peeps! 

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