I wish...

Friday, August 21, 2009

I wish that I had thought of this, but I got it from Loulou...who got it from someone else...

However - I am really not in the mood to get too in depth today, so it is a wish list for the weekend.

I wish...

I could get "Three Special Steps" from Special Agent Oso out of my head
I had my homework completed already
It would get sunny today so the soccer fields are not mud tomorrow
My baby would stop getting older, darn it!
to sit in my hot tub and play cribbage with my hubby
to not have my meeting with my boss today, it never accomplishes anything anyway
to win the Powerball or HotLotto
to sleep in on Sunday
I did not have to go grocery shopping

And I wish I could find a better video with the song "Three Special Steps"...but these kids are cute, it will do.


themom said...

Ahhh...those don't sound like unrealistic "wishes." Now you've got me thinking, maybe I need to make one of those lists. LOL

Loukia said...

Today, I wish my work day was over already!

I also wish my kids would stop growing up so quickly! What is up with that, huh? ;)

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