Boo Boo La La Dictionary - Abridged

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time for an update to the Boo Boo La La Dictionary!

Coconuts - polka dots, seriously you will be corrected!

Emelade - lemonade - even if you SAY, "Do you want lemonade?" Yes Mama, I have emelade.

Sicky Cup - picked up from "who knows where" for sippy cup.

Movie - any play or movie, if you sit and watch it is a movie...

Pack-Pack - Backpack of course! Dora has one....

Backardigans - The Back Yardigans (which she will only watch if the alternative is Micky Mouse.)

Your Game - Wii, as in "Mama, can I play your game?"

HannaTanna - Hanna Montana, as in "Mama, can I watch HannaTanna on your iTouch?"

Wakkie-Time and Nappy-Time have become obsolete, but we still call LOTS of things Chicken. ;)

Enjoy your day - I hope you get a sicky cup full of emelade so you too can watch HannaTanna on your iTouch.


Melissa said...

Too cute!! I love the tacktack.... My 4 year old daughter calls her lunchbox a lunchbLox; and her cubbie at school is a Pubbie!!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

She is soooo cute! I love the toddler speak...I am going to miss it so much when he starts speaking correctly :)

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