Survival of the Mommy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Today my MEme is going to be about what I cannot survive without on a daily basis - I just do not feel like going to a desserted island today Supahmommy & MommyBrain ...

So, five things I cannot live without day-to-day (since I usually turn off the cell and the laptop on the weekend or vacation - electronics will not appear on this list):

  1. My mommy-wagon. I work too far from home to take a bus or walk, so I need my mommy-wagon to get sweet Boo Boo La La and I to daycare and work.
  2. My Olay ProX Deep Wrinkle Cream - I wrote about this on my ViewPoints account where I am this stuff.
  3. Bare Minerals makeup It is like wearing nothing!
  4. My Envirosax - and my Kate Spade handbag. They are ALWAYS together so they count as one!
  5. Good body-hand lotion. What I use may change from day to day, but I am always seeking out the best for my superdry skin.

Of course I could not get through the day without kisses and hugs from my T-bone and BooBooLaLa, but they are not things. They are the loves of my life!

Enjoy your day - and play along if you like!


supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

I LOVE your pic up top. I'm not sure if you meant it to be funny.. but I think it's hilarious. My husand would take that kinda pic.. and call it a day. His pics are always far away...or of the WRONG moments.

Um. you are my kinda girl with your kate spade bag

i lusted forever over the kate spade mackinaw bag years ago.. still haven't gotten it.

thanks for playing along again! I love your company!!

Poolside with the Girls said...

I use Bare Minerals too. Can't find anything I like better.

Just stopped over to say hi!


Chief said...

K I knew I had to follow the minute I saw your arse on the header.

I absolutely LOVE my Bare Essentuals!

Lori said...

Easy, simple list. I have never used the Bare Minerals, but now feel like I should try it. (Peer pressure....)

MommyLisa said...

YES! The ARSE is meant to be funny.

My hubby took the pic...see if you can guess what he was aiming for?

PIG! ;) But I love him anyway...

Shell said...

Aw, the hugs and kisses! So sweet!

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

I guess I'm going to have to go try the Bare Minerals it only available by infomercial or can I give it a whirl in person somewhere?

Oh, and I too like the butt pic. Someone took a butt shot of me at my son's 3rd bday party. (HEY!! I had just had my second baby!!! Don't judge me!!) It remains my motivation to keep off the 35 lbs. I finally lost a few years ago.

themom said...

I HAVE to have my lotion. Especially now that Fall/Winter is here. I think the older I get, the more moisture my body loses. I don't like this phase of my life. I keep telling myself I need to try the Bare Minerals. Now I need to act on that.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

I am with you on the kisses and hugs from the little one :) I have been wanting to try Bare Minerals for I might just have to :)

MommyLisa said...

Bare Minerals can be found at Sephora and someone said JCPenney had it too - but I rarely shop there as there is not a convenient one near my home.

You can try it out at either!

Then also buy online at QVC and Amazon.

JennyMac said...

That header pic is SO funny!

Great list...bare essentuals are amazing!

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