A Gory Little Story.

Friday, October 30, 2009

When we were up north at our timeshare we had the opportunity to use the pontoon of one of my husband's friends to cruise Cross Lake and the Whitefish Chain.

There was a lovely island in the lake that we decided would be perfect for a swim and lunch. So we headed over and unloaded all our stuff and played in the water and on the beach.

Very soon Boo Boo La La said, "Momma, I gotta pee pee."

"Go in the lake honey - that is what you do."
"I can pee in the lake?"
"Yup, but not the pool. Got it?"

She runs out into the water and hollars out to her sister, "SAIR!!! I am going pee pee."
Sair looked up from her book and called back from the pontoon. "And THAT is why I am not swimming in the lake." (she never swims anymore! not even at the waterslide pool!)

We have lunch and continue to enjoy our little island - it's the middle of the week and we pretty much have the lake to ourselves - suddenly Boo Boo La La exclaims, "Momma, I gotta POOP!"


"Okay, come with me." We walk around the side of the island that does not have the beach and well...I held my little munchkin up so she could squat and do her 'bidness. And I brought wipes so we would not have issues....with torn tissues. :)

She came back to the family and proudly beamed, "I POOPED!" and boy did she EVER poop.

She even CONFESSED!!! dum dum dum


Anonymous said...

I love peeeing in the lake...lol

themom said...

Yay for BBLL. she did a good job and mommy handled it all so well.

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