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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I read this FANTASTICLY FUNNY *LAWYER'S* blog.  Yes, an attorney who is funny. 
Who knew?

The other day she wrote a blog about good things that people do and it reminded me of a time when I was pregnant.  Yes, I had to go back a few years for a GREAT example, but it was a really scary time for me...

I got HIT driving home from work by a security truck.  I was 36 weeks pregnant and the other driver turned left without a green arrow and SMASHED right into me.

side note: I was just recounting this story to my friends over our New Year's trip snowmobiling.  Would you believe it - of the four women who had babies ALL of us were hit by other drivers when we were about 25-35 weeks pregnant?  HELLO PEOPLE WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!!!  I know for a fact two of us were hit by MALE drivers.

The corner where I was hit was very close to a mission for homeless singles and a home for homeless families.  The SECURITY GUARD who hit me never got out of his car to see if I was okay.  I in fact stayed in the car because I was so.freaked.out! 

Was my baby okay?  Damn, he hit me hard!

Another driver who saw the whole thing came to my window and gave me his name and number to be a witness & make sure I was okay.  I started crying and told him I was pregnant.

"WHOAH!  You sure are."  he said then he called 911 and told them to send an ambulance to check on me.

Then as I waited for what seemed like FOREVER.  Homeless person after homeless person came by and up to the window.  Are you okay?  Do you need help?  And when they found I was pregnant one of them went over and TOLD the security guard. 

"Do you KNOW you hit a pregnant woman?  ARE YOU WORRIED about her and her BABY?" 

He did not move...I kind of felt bad, but seriously?  He was wrong and should have come to see if I were okay in the first place.

So Okay, the bad part was the crash and the driver.  But the good part?

The driver who stopped.  He was on his way home from work like I was; and there were many others at this intersection.  But HE stopped, got pen and paper, gave me his contact information to be a witness, called 911 and offered to sit with me until help came.  He did not have to do that - you know how it is on the way home.  You just want to get home!

The homeless people.  It was DANG cold and they stopped to check on me on their way to get a warm spot at the shelter, delaying their warm meal to make sure a fellow human was fine.

I was really grateful for them.  I was scared and they made me feel better!

And of course, everything was okay.  Boo Boo La La is here, isn't she?  ;)


Anonymous said...

it is a nice reminder to know that not all people in the world are jerks and some nice people still are asround....Im so glad everything turned out ok, scary stuff


Margaret said...

What a total jack ass!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice story - and glad you were both okay!! Must have been very scarey at the time!!

Professor Chaos said...

What is it about pregnancy that causes accidents? That is a weird coincidence. Glad you're OK!

Cathy said...

What a great example of the good in people. Sometimes I wonder if there are still people like that out there. Glad you're both ok!

Unknown said...


G said...

that makes me sad for the homeless how we all judge them. I'm glad there were good people to help you!

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