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Friday, March 26, 2010

Okay - here are some random bits from a week that was pretty random-ly fun!
  1. I got home from the Y this morning and T-bone said, "I really like your hair color."  umm - duh Pavlov it is Feria Pure Diamond; the color I was the day you met is my "go to" haircolor.
  2. I am going to lunch with Candice today - I need to figure out a suggestion where to go...
  3. Boo Boo was clinging to the window sill next to her bed when I tried to get her up.  It was really cute & she convinced me to cuddle with her and then read a book before actually getting up and dressed.  I picked my favorite story - Tiny Rabbit goes to a Birthday Party! - she loves it too.
  4. Tomorrow I am making the KILLER lasagna!
  5. I got my haircut because I have the bestest sister-in-law on the planet!
  6. I have the most AMAZING friend in the world because of another dear old friend.  Thanks Amy for being Josh's roomate, thanks Josh for marrying Becky.
  7. I got to eat awesome pizza with Becky this week and wander over to see a great concert.  (thus the Friday is FROM THE ACTUAL SHOW...I did not take it.

My review of Tegan and Sara's show - we missed Holly Miranda, Steel Train made me feel old because they kept talking about 7th grade angst!!! 

Tegan and Sara?  OMG I love, love, love these women!  I have heard a few of their songs, but the show made me a big fan.  They are funny and likable and their music reminded me of two things, the 80's with the electronic-y stuff they did and Kate Bush.  Sara has the most AMAZING voice that reminded me of the delicate strength of Kate Bush. 
I hope she thinks that is a compliment!



Happy Friday my little love palms!


Anonymous said...

so maybe he knew something was different about your hair, didnt realize it was the h/c so he picked the color? sounds like something I would do, lol its a guy thing I think;)

happy friday

Messy Mommy said...

I like pizza! I LIKE it!

Don't you just love getting your haircut. Oh the little things.

I have an award for you on my blog.

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