Its Friday- I had a weird dream - and I am playing "Just Dance"!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just DanceANNND once again blogger faild me in scheduled posting!!!  Dang it!

So - just before I woke up this morning I was having the strangest dream!
We were going on a trip with friends, which is so not the weird part we DO go on trips with our friends, but I was standing up from the floor & my friend Nettie was sitting down and she WHACKED me in the eye by accident and I got my first EVER blackeye.

Then T-Bone was telling me he did not like my ski pants because they "fogged up"?

Then someone in the van was reading a Dr. Suess book about Obama's Healthcare Plan....

It was strange.  Maybe I had anxiety over posting this TERRIBLE perfomance in the contest this week.

TO PARTICIPATE: You need Just Dance for Wii to participate.

WINNER GETS A TSHIRT FROM @JUSTDANCE_ THE GAME ( ONCE THEY'RE MADE) and possibly a an ultra cool headband . (and will NOT be me that wins.)

Here is SWEATY SMELLY CHUBBY MOMMY playing NKOTB in the living room as T-Bone is leaving for work...I just got home from my treadmill session at the Y.




Unknown said...

2 workouts in one night - I love running on the treadmill - such a good time to think - I need to do it more often.

And Just Dance is such a good workout - we played several songs in one night!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Woohoo! You rocked it!!

Blogger has failed to publish any of my scheduled posts, too. BOO!


Vanessa said...

This is random, but I *adore* your laugh! :-D You made it look so fun -- and that's why people like me started doing this!!

MommyLisa said...

One MORNING. It was 6am! I got to the Y when it opens at 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thank you MMTM! That was a nice thing to say...I have been having a rough day and needed that compliment!

Anonymous said...

weird dream....great performance.

have a great weekend friend;)

Shell said...

You did great! I love your laugh!

Unknown said...

I too love your laugh! You totally got into it. Love it!

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