REVIEW & GIVEAWAY - Envirosax Bloom!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, you are going to hear it again until you get it, got it?
They ROCK hard.
I used to be you.  I used to think -
"I can NEVER remember those darn bags to save my LIFE and its just a waste to buy them."
then I found this:

Envirosax eco-bags roll up into a tidy little bundle.
And you can get five of them into one of these!  
I use them for groceries, clothing, at the drugstore - EVERYWHERE I shop.
yes, even at Costco!
They are tested to carry up to 44 POUNDS of stuff!
They are water-resistant
They are FULLY washable and do not fade.
Ethically Made
Envirosax make a GREAT gift for someone
become a gift to future generations by not making more waste in our landfills.

You can look this cool by getting yours at
Or, you could enter the giveaway...Yes, you can have the Bloom 2 Bag just like I got from Envirosax...

The Bloom 2 Bag is really my new favorite and just about the prettiest bag I have ever met.

The details?

Please go to Envirosax website and tell me which set you like and how you would use the bags in YOUR life...that will equal ONE entry.

Then if you Tweet about this Envirosax Giveaway comment again and you will get a SECOND entry.

That's it - two ways to enter - one Bloom 2 bag to win! 
Please ensure your email is connected to your profile OR you must leave it in the comments so I have a way to contact you if you win.
Envirosax (Thanks Julia!) will send you the bag after we send them your address!
I DID receive a Bloom 2 bag in consideration for this giveaway!  I love it!
You have until midnight on November 24th, 2010 to enter - Central Time Zone!
I will announce the winner on Thankgiving Day! gobble gobble
(or Thursday, November 25th for my Canadian pals!)


Cathy said...

I want I want I want!!

I like the Botanica set. Such lovely green colors! I would use this bag to haul stuff back and forth from work, I'd use it at the grocery story, I'd use it for lots of things...especially because it would be so handy in my purse!

Cathy said...

I tweeted it to....but I'm not sure how to send you the link of that exact tweet.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

I am loving the Orgami set :) I need something I can fit in my bag....I am always forgetting my stash of big bags in my basement :)

Anonymous said... always bring the neatest stuff;)

My Life in Purple said...

I loves this bag. I bought a 2L bottle of diet pepsi and a bag of flour and carried it to my car in this purple beauty!!!!!!!! haha

Town and Country House said...

Great give-away! Right now I have a collection of various green bags, which are neither washable or roll-up-able!

Jennifer said...

How cool! I would definitely use these bags in place of my ugly Publix bags. I love the Bloom series and the Mikado series. You always give the best eco-friendly advice; my friend is making us dryer balls after I saw your post on them a long time ago.

Karen F said...

I like the Midnight Safari Bag 4 ~~ I would use these for carrying everything, groceries, avon orders, oh yes!
kkfoster35 at msn dot com

Mommy of two said...

I love the midnight safari bag!

I would use it when shopping for the weekly groceries, our trips to the local library (I have two little boys - lots of books to be gotten there!), for getting my papers back and forth from school (I teach middle school), and for our trips to the farmers market (during the warm months of course!)

I just love your blog - been following for some time now - but don't think I've posted anything just yet!

oh, and my email - not sure if its linked or not:

JC said...

I like Monochromatic Bag 1 and will use it for my shopping errands.
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

JC said...

lori said...

love the mikado. I really need these to help me remember to use my own bag.

Michelle Pixie said...

These are so cool! I really need these bags. I love the Monochromatic Series!

Michelle Pixie said...

I retweeted your giveaway...!/mommylisa/status/1622904928210944

Just A Normal Mom said...

LOVE the Midnight Safari Pouch! Love the idea of five in one bag in my purse!


Just A Normal Mom said...

And I tweeted it:!/NormalMomAlly/status/3133362810130432


T said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE these! My favorite is the origami pouch set. I would use these for groceries, mainly my fruits and veggies which we buy alot of!

Here's my tweet!!/tabirambles

Lesli said...

I like the Mikado Bag 1 and also the Animal Planet Bag 4 (the bird). But they are all really great!

I would use a bag for groceries or for toting random things back & forth to the office.

Lesli said...

And I tweeted!

Don't forget to stop by my new blog--I am also having a Thanksgiving giveaway!

Lesli said...

And I tweeted!

Don't forget to stop by my new blog--I am also having a Thanksgiving giveaway!

gretchen said...

Oh man! I love these bags! And I can't decide my favorite. Mmmmm...oooo...this is hard. Okay, I'm going with La Boheme #3. Oh, I'm feeling lucky!

Michelle said...

I have (and LOVE) the Mikado, but I have to say that the Bloom is awesome.

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