What is better than bacon?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

 I am channeling bacon just for Mama Kat - now before I have said - I HATE BACON!!!!

But, we all knew I was lying.

So here are the Top Ten Ways BACON is AWESOME:

10) Why else would you buy syrup?  Bacon is for dipping in syrup.  Duh!
9) Carbonara - I love carbonara.  I mean bacon and parm?  What is not to love?
8) This is Why you are FAT tried to deter me, but ummmm, bacon caramel popcorn?

7) Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches...nuff said.
6) Bakon Vodka Bloody Mary's - who knew you could get bacon vodka?  This gal.

5) Bacon Manhatten - I loved these at the now defunct Town Talk Diner - boozy goodness.
4) I need something to love besides Sriracha - bacon is that love.
3) So yes, the house smells after you make bacon, but it is not so bad if you do it in the oven.  My hubby was kind enough to buy me racks last fall to put on cookie sheets and cook bacon.  THAT is love.  Of bacon...
2) Costco - if you go, you know.
1) This video:

Go ahead - make a little bacon tonight - I dare you.


Dana K said...

LOL I chose the same prompt & I got excited when I saw "I hate bacon.". Alas, you were just teasing me.

Great post...please don't hate me if you read mine...

Also, the bacon infused vodka? Really? I'm guessing my husband has never heard of it or we'd own it.

KLZ said...

What's better than bacon? More bacon.

taradon said...

Mmmmm... bacon!
(visitng from Mama Kat's)

Carri said...

I'm with KLZ on this one.

Unknown said...

Bacon is YUMMY!! Did just try chocolate covered bacon at the fair. Not so good. But I'm game to try some bacon bloody mary's now! ... Just visiting from Mama Kat's!

Stasha said...


YAY for Bacon!

jenny said...

this is a pretty awesome list! (and i'm usually a turkey bacon girl...)

Salt said...

Okay...you are going to think I'm such a freak for saying this, but I hate bacon.

HOWEVER bacon caramel popcorn sounds AMAZING.

And I do love Sriracha a little more than I probably should.

Lee said...

Oh, I love bacon. Making my mouth water.

Working Mommy said...

Hahaha...LOVE the video!! I knew about bacon vodka - it is fabulous!


Claudya Martinez said...

Bacon caramel popcorn, where have you been all my life.

Slamdunk said...

As a guy, I have the bacon-fanatatic" gene and carbonara is always a winner.

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