Why does it need to be plugged in?

Monday, March 18, 2013

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Today I saw that we had "junked" the electric stapler at work (And the jumbo manual one for big stacks of paper).  I was kind of glad because the poor thing didn't really work anyway....

Then I saw the brand new one.

I used it and it "THUNKED" so loud I jumped.

Why do we need this?

I have lately started to look at some "conveniences" as being less than necessary.

  1. Hot Lather?  Why do this to yourself in the morning?  All hot and lathered up? 
  2. Self-Flushing Toilets?  Just leave me alone - I am NOT done yet I just moved a bit. Jeez!
  3. Self-Dispensing Soap & Paper Towels?  Isn't this just an energy waste?

But I am sorry if it is wasteful.  You cannot have my Sonicare!

I love the little side gadget that "sanitizes" the brush head.  I giggle over the glow it makes.

What do you find unnecessary in life?

1 comment:

gretchen said...

I hate, hate, HATE self-flushing toilets. I am a bit fussy about papering my toilet seat, and, without fail, they flush when I'm halfway through arranging the toilet paper, and it ruins it all!

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