Couldn't sleep at all last night...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Well, partially true.

I went to bed about 10 o'clock last night.  Yes, I am old thankyouverymuch.

I woke up just before 4 am and the stupid hamster in the wheel of my cranial cavity started thinking about all the things that I need to do.  None of it bad at all.  Just "BUSY" you know?

I had to sort the Fall leaflets for my Sunday School class - each week in it's very own ziplock bag - marked with the date we will use that story.

I needed to finish planning what we would actually DO this Sunday for our lesson on Adam & Eve.  Thank you PINTEREST!  We are making Cheerio Bird Feeders this week to talk about how God put Adam & Eve here to take care of all the living creatures.  Cool, huh?

Now I have to figure out when I will shop for the Cheerios, floral wire and pipe cleaners.

Probably sometime AFTER soccer this morning and BEFORE we get cash and go to the Street Fair on Lowery today.  Did I mention T-bone is abandoning me to golf with my friend Julie's husband Jeff?

Did I figure out what I was making for dinner?  Oh yeah - tortellini, don't let me forget that.

Crap. Got to get that post up on Facebook about still needing volunteers for Thursday's Spaghetti Dinner at school.  PTO has to figure out to spend my time somehow, right?  Oh - didn't I tell you I still am doing PTO and Girl Scouts.

OMG - I still have not put Boo Boo's patches on her new Brownie Sash.  This week, one night, I promise to dust off my iron and ironing board.  HONEST.  I will do it.  And I will pull out her BRAND NEW BROWNIE book and have her think of one or two badges SHE wants to earn, that was our Brownie homework!

I am scheduled for training at work Monday and Wednesday - I have three contracts I am working on and more sure to come.

And then - when am I shopping for Mai Tai ingredients for Miss Palmquist's Birthday Luau?  I got two weeks.  It will happen.  And if you have a tried and true Mai Tai recipe, do share.

So there you have it.  A data dump from my brain and the reason why I am up and blogging this early.

I need coffee.

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Michelle said...

I feel like you're in my head Lisa. One thing leads to another to another to another and then I'm down the rabbit hole of my brain with a to do list a mile long. S

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