I broke my rule....

Friday, November 25, 2016

Due to an accidental drowning - Boo Boo La La lost her iPod.

She didn't even have it a whole year and she was totally crushed.

Daddy promised her a new one, but the first one that came was a dud. You could not set it up and it didn't hold a charge for more than a few hours anyway.

Then we got busy and she had tablets she could use that Mommy and Daddy use, but not as much as their phones.

We toyed with the idea of a phone to replace the iPod until I found out how much it would be each month to get her service.  She is ten - she mostly texts her friends on a free texting app over our WiFi and she can get Xfinity WiFi almost everywhere in our neighborhood.  So, that was out.

Then I happened to Google, "Best deal on an iPod touch", and voila - Target.

The closest ones to us had VERY FEW IN STOCK and they, of course, were open.

So, Mommy broke her rule.

She shopped on Thanksgiving.

How about you?  Are you shopping, decorating, or just snuggling in for a long-overdue break?

No matter what - 'Tis the Season and our family wishes you well.
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Ginny Marie said...

That sounds like a good time to break that rule! I would have done the same!

sprinkles said...

Sometimes rules are made to be broken!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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