am I cold and heartless?

Friday, April 17, 2009

So Sair was going to Prom with her boyfriend of about nine months and he called her Wednesday night after she got home from confirmation and
Yes, I think that is gutless and he is a rude little pig - frankly I did not care for him much, he would slobber on her in front of us, she seemed to pay for everything and he was not even one-tenth as cute as she deserved.
Her mom let her stay home from school. I did not really agree with that - he does not go to her school and it is just a boyfriend...
I said this to the T-Bone and he disagreed BIG TIME - he said, "What would she learn if she just was at school to cry all day? She was all ready for prom and everything."
Thus revealing once again that mommy is probably a big meanie.


Mnmom said...

First, I think that boy should be ashamed of himself. That was just plain rude and cruel. It could have waited until after prom, and he should have done it in person.

Second, I think it was OK to give her a mental health day. But I can also see the merits of forcing her to hold her chin up and plow through. How's that for a decision?

Tell her she'll be stronger in the broken places. I know from experience.

Unknown said...

I think staying home from school was not necessary.

I think she would have learned a valuable lesson- life sometimes kicks you in the ass and you have to get up and keep walking forward!

Chris H said...

The boy was a pig. FULL STOP. END OF STORY. She is better off without him, even if she can't see it yet.
Why have her crying and miserable at home? I would have sent her to school... miserable teenagers are the pitts.

themom said...

Life's little lessons really suck! I'm not sure I would have kept her home from school - but she will recover from this event, possibly have the opportune moment to laugh in his face also!

Ann(ie) said...

I need to visit and smack that dumb boy upside the head. ug. Going to school probably would have helped her move on, I agree. Sitting home just helps you wallow more. Poor thing!!! :(

MommyLisa said...

Ugh. I am glad she does not read my blog - I heard through the grapevine they might have gotten back together.


I thought I was free of that little punk.


Whiskeymarie said...

That dude better start learning how to properly deal with women or he is in for a lifetime of getting his car keyed.

My Mom would have made me go to school too- staying home wouldn't have even been an option.

themom said...

tag your it! I left an award for you at my place.

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