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Thursday, November 10, 2011

One of the perks of knowing I have a job, but not having to actually start for a while, is that @Iambooboolala and I can do pretty much whatever we want during the morning hours.  Yesterday that meant a diverted trip to the Mall Of America when our lunch plans fell through.

We went on two rides and then I told Boo Boo that we could go to Lego's Imagination Center.

She LOVED that.

She played with two little boys who are also in afternoon kindergarten while one of their mother's and I talked about PTO.  (We both are on PTO and shared ideas and challenges.)

Then I told her we needed to get lunch if we were going to make it to school on time...she caught out of her eye

The Rainforest Cafe

Now it would NOT have been my choice to go anywhere near a location that charges $6 for macaroni and cheese - but I decided to go with it.

We asked and got seated near a tank of fish and immediately had to find the puffer fish.  Here is "Squishy" who floated around by us nearly all of our lunch.

And here is what Boo Boo had to say about the fish.

B: Mama, all the fish can talk to each other you know.  They speak the same language.

M: Really?

B: Yes, they can talk but its different.  You see the English fish go like this...*puts hands to side of face and says "bloop"*

M: Uh huh so what else?

B: Then the SPANISH fish go like this....*puts hands to side of face and says, "blurp"*  AND the Chinese fish go like this...*hands to side of face and says, "blirpy" - and then there is the sign language fish...*puts hands to side of face and makes blowing kissy face motions without sound*

M: (trying to maintain the seriousness that she has used to portray fish languages) And they all understand each other?

B: Of COURSE Mama, they are fish!


Anti-Supermom said...

Cutest conversation, it sounds like the best day, minus the overpriced mac and cheese ;)

sprinkles said...

I'm envious you have the Mall of America!!!

Actually, I shouldn't be. I should be thankful because I'd spent my whole paycheck there and then some every week. lol

Cute conversation.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

That is soooo cute! I too am jealous that you can just drop into the Mall of America. I hate malls but that mall looks amazing!!! So glad you can enjoy and relax before you new job starts!!!

Jennifer said...

What a great lunch date! How was the mac n cheese? :)

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